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Donate to Acton Mosque

Please donate to help fund Acton Mosque.

You can make your Zakat / Fitrana or general Sadaqah donations in the QUICK DONATE below.

If you would like to make regular donations using DIRECT DEBIT, please do contact us.

Acton Mosque is 100%-funded by the local community. Right from the start, the Management Committee has been careful to avoid external offers of significant financial support as we wished the mosque to remain locally governed and for its founding principles to be adhered to.

The mosque team managed to raise over almost two millions pounds to acquire, demolish and purpose build the new facility. Through the course of time, the Muslim population of Ealing has expanded and now represents over 15,000 people. The mosque team has expanded to several imams now and other activities including our funeral service so your ongoing support is critical. Please donate generously so we can continue provided the range of services that we do, and broaden those in the years ahead.

Other Ways You Can Donate
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