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Thank you for visiting us, we are here to serve the community so we hope you find the information on these pages intereseting


Acton Mosque was founded in 1976 by two local residents, Aizul Haque and late Haji Mohammed Bashir in the basement of a local shop in Churchfield Road.  A small prayer hall was provided by Wahid Bashir, son of Haji Bashir to allow daily prayers, in a room big enough for 50 attendees.  In 1980s, the community purchased the present site in Oldham Terrace in two transactions, one from the former British Legions and then at a later stage, the rear car park also become available and after intensive fund-raising was purchased in 1988.  At this time, the Trustee structure was enhanced as Syed Mumtaz Hussain and Amanat Ali, joined Aizul Haque to become Trustees.

Thereafter, a crucial period of work led by the Mosque Management Committee, our Architect, Ealing Council took place with particular help from Julian Bell (presently local Council Leader) who helped us greatly to steer our small team through the planning process.  Planning was successfully achieved and thereafter began an intense period of fund-raising.  Work commenced on the present facility in 2006 with formal opening in 2008.  At the time of the opening, Acton Mosque owed a considerable amount to generous members of the community, but by the grace of Allah (swt), we were able to clear all loans outstanding by 2011.  Since then the Mosque has broadened services provided to now include West London's first Muslim funeral service and Islamic schooling.

Our General Secretary and Trustees

General Secretary

Syed Mumtaz






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